I'm leaving the old intro here, but adding this- it appears the doves have taken over my blog for their fiction. Just as well, I was doing a piss poor job of updating. They're doing much better.

This blog is infrequently updated, full of incorrect spellings, misused words, and general bad grammar. It started when I was trying to use google+ (which I've since given up on) and discovered there was no character limit for posts. If you've known me a long time, a lot of these stories will be old hat. If you plan to know me for a long time, you'll no doubt hear many of them in person. But, folks seemed to enjoy them, so here they are.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the fifty third story

When I was a kid, there was a partial solar eclipse. I was thrilled. Made the pinhole box to watch it, went outside and realized, much to my surprise, that the spaces between leaves did the same thing; that the dappled light under a tree was, at that moment, thousands of tiny crescents. Science is magic.

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